American Football Pads: Here’s What You Need To Know

Anyone that has participated in the sport understands the critical importance of American football pads. Whether it is a tiny little wide receiver who wants to outrun his adversary, or the beefy lineman who would rather obliterate his opposition, the American football pads (sometimes referred to as shoulder pads) are one and only thing standing between these guys and fractured shoulders!

But there are literally hundreds of American football pads on the market. Which item is the correct pad for you?

This write-up was created as a guide to help you render a wiser decision. As a public service, I have accumulated 7 crucial items of information.

American Football Pads: An Overview:

The shoulder pad is in fact a tough plastic external shell that includes a multiple layer, shock-absorbing cushioning beneath. As the name suggests, they guard the shoulders from potential traumatic injury. Additionally they play a role in safeguarding the chest and rib area, and they are anchored with several snaps and buckles. For comfort, a shoulder pads cushioning of foam rubber is often worn underneath the pad.

American Football Pads: Shock Distribution:

As the players clash, a significant amount of force is employed. These pads do a terrific job of disbursing the shock throughout a larger area so there is much less pressure at the point of impact.

American Football Pads: Shock Absorption:

For any force of the impact that cannot be distributed, these pads are developed to soak up the majority of the impact through deformation. 2020 nfl draft TV coverage The pads on the shoulders are strung on tight webbing and deform on impact.

The Quarterback:

These position players want the unattainable combination of agility and protection on their own American football pads. Pads for any quarterback are light-weight and provide freedom of motion.

The Linemen:

Pads for linemen are created to minimize the amount of flaps and epaulets, hence reducing the grabbing and holding opportunities presented to their adversaries.


These positions ought to wear a cut-away shell style that will offer a little flexibility and a little less protection in comparison to a linesman’s pads.

Other Skilled Positions:

These individuals rely more on speed than the other players, and so ought to choose a pad that includes a design for lower profile, more mobility and less bulk. Not surprisingly their goal on the gridiron is to generally avoid confrontation by outrunning the other guys.


There are additional considerations to bear in mind when looking for protective gear for you, your team, or your family member. Depending on the player’s body type, or when there are wounded body parts to consider, you might want to consider some of the varied custom fitted choices. Examples consist of spine and rib protectors.

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