Escort Radar and Laser Detector

If you would like to feel much safer when you drive, then you should get a radar detector. Radar detectors will help keep you safe, if you are speeding a little and all of a sudden a cop pulls you over but your detector never went off, then you know that the cop does not know exactly how fast you were going and you should be able to get away without a ticket.

When getting a radar detector there is a lot you need to take into account, but if you want one of the most trusted and most used radar and laser detectors out there, Escorts Services Pakistan you need to check out the escort passport radar detector. The escort passport radar and laser detector will help stop false alarms by allowing you to press the mute button three times letting it know that there is a radar band there not coming from a police man and this detector will remember that and not set off the alarm there for that band of radar again, but if there is a cop there sending out a different radar signal from that same place it will set off the detector so you stay safe.

And the new technology of the escort passport 9500i radar detector lets it also detect red light cameras that are being put up in cities so that you will know where not to run any red lights. This radar detector can even be set to display your speed when it detects radar so you can quickly, and safely see how fast you are going, it also has a audio and visual alert. The 9500i also has a city and highway setting the highway setting puts the 9500i radar and laser detector on high alert due to the higher speeds and the city setting lets it know that you will not be traveling very fast and there may be other radar bands.

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