Hormonal Migraines and Copper Toxicity

I first learned about copper toxicity when I decided to get a hair analysis mineral test to see if it would help in giving me any clues to why I was getting chronic migraines, especially hormonal migraines. Hair analysis is a test that can help diagnose copper toxicity as blood tests do not show what is happening in the body at cellular level.

Estrogen and Copper.

A quote from Dr. Malter’s book: “The Strands of Health”.

“One of the most significant bio chemical and metabolic developments since the end of world war two involves the widespread use of female contraceptives. copper kattle This is because there is such a close relationship between estrogen and copper and biochemical systems. With the widespread use of the estrogen in the pill and the estrogen replacement therapy excess copper builds up in the cells and the tissues of very large numbers of females. This has become a major contributing factor to both psychological and physical health problems that they experience.”

How Copper Toxicity is related to hormonal Migraines

Approximately a week to ten days before a period the copper and estrogen levels are relatively high. When the hormones changed, so did the migraines. It was totally automatic, just like clockwork. They happened more or less to the exact day of my cycle. As the copper was being reduced in my body thankfully the migraines were being reduced as well.

Copper Imbalance Symptoms

• Racing thoughts, Anxiety
• Attention deficit disorder, Candida Overgrowth
• Migraine Headaches, Dysmenorrhea
• Autism, Anorexia
• Insomnia, PMS
• Liver dysfunction, Plus more

Copper may affect any organ of the body and usually affects four major systems of the body. Copper builds up in the liver, the brain (where it affects neurotransmitter levels), the nervous system and the female and male reproductive system.

Our bodies need copper; it is an essential trace mineral that is vitally important for both physical and mental health. However we need copper in the correct levels.

Sources of Copper

Some of the sources of copper are: the water pipes in your home and hot water cylinder (if copper), copper cookware, copper from dental materials (exposure), vitamin pills, drinking water, fungicide and pesticide residues on food, sleeping pills, tranquilizers, copper intra-uterine devices and birth control pills.

Copper may also build up in the body due to bio unavailable copper. This is usually contributed to weak adrenal glands. The adrenal gland stimulates the liver to produce ceruloplasmin, the major copper binding protein. If the ceruloplasmin levels are inadequate copper cannot be used by the body and copper builds up in the tissues.

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