How To Resize Images With An Image Resizer Basics

So you’ve taken some great pictures and you want to share them with the world. The possibilities are endless; you can email them to friends or put them on your website, add to a document, upload to an online photo gallery or burn them to a slide show on disk. Once you start to do one of these things you find out quickly there is a major problem, the pictures are too big and need to be resized with an image resizer but how do you do that?

The answer is simple you need to resize your pictures with an image resizer, now you need to learn how to resize pictures so they look good on everyone’s computer and not just yours.

This article will guide you through the basics of learning how to resize pictures easily.
Resizing Pictures involves 3 basic things, the right height, width and quality of the image, setting these three things correctly will resize the picture properly every time. In laymen terms image quality is how much detail is in the image, the lower the quality the less detail there is, if the quality is too low then the image looks blocky, if the quality is too high then the file size grows and this really matters if you are emailing or showing the image on the web.
Quality of an image in a document printed out should always be higher than the quality of one being viewed on the internet as when a image is printed out it needs higher quality than an image that you view on your computer.

Easiest way to explain aspect ratio is to say that it means the ratio between the width of the picture and the height of the picture. When you resize a picture you need to ensure to calculate the aspect ratio of the new size to ensure the picture is not stretched or skewed. Most resize tools such as Picture Resize will do this for you.

Every medium such as email, websites and online photo galleries show pictures differently, each one need their pictures resized to different heights widths and quality.
The problems that you will face are; pictures hare too big, too small, appear stretched or skewed or appear blocky and may even have bits missing here and there, these are all signs of an image not being resized properly to fit the medium they are on.

This has the affect of like looking into a fun mirror at a carnival, things either appear too tall or too short and too wide. The reason for this is because the aspect ratio has been compromised

These are all symptoms of images being resized incorrectly, they need to be resized properly for the medium they are appearing on.

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