The Copper Kettle of Warring States Period (Part Two)

The right side of the second layer is the hunting shooting scene. Several people are waiting to shoot the target when a group of large birds flying in the sky, attracting them and shot to the birds. Of particular note is that the arrow in the bird who clearly have a long rope, this is because people have to put arrows back, they will use the raw silk thread tied at the end of the shaft, Ancient times, this raw silk thread is called “pay.” The left side of the second layer is a grand banquet of the scene. Sitting on the hall floor is the master at the banquet, a guards hand-held copper gerben stood beside him, while being entertained guests stood up, hand glass, Toast to the host. This occasion is certainly not the lack of singing and dancing. The personnel to perform in the figure far more than the number of people to participate in feasts, they knock chime bells, hit melody, each figure to be light graceful, and seems to knocking and dancing. There also has a drum next to the pillar, two persons are beating on both sides of the drum,and others’ dancers next to it, dance with the weapon. Relative the “wen dance”, this is the “wu dance.”

The third layer depicts the intense battle scenes. Copper kettle The right is the water war, the left is siege warfare. Look at the water war: two double battle flag flying on the warship, left the ship’s battle flag is made of the fabric, the dots on a flag that represent the highest level commander; the right ship’s battle flag use the bird feather and trim, compiled it, called “Victory flag”. The soldiers are fighting on the top of ship, they are holding a long weapon, or stab or hook near the body. There are some soldiers swimimg on the right of ship, and waiting to destroy enemy ships, or fighting, seize enemy ships. Water forces was the new military services, which formed on the late Spring and Autumn Period. therefore, this group of images is even more precious water wars.

These images of the production process called “cross-embedding. ” People first carved shallow groove of image on the copper kettle, and then copper, lead and metal embedded in shallow groove, the next and then something called “zircon”tool polish the image, so that as smooth as kettle. In the Shang Dynasty in China had a “cross-embedding” process.

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