Tips for Dating A Transsexual Escort for The First Time and Having Great Fun

The escort industry has developed by many folds in the past few years. In fact, they now offer much more compared to what they used to. Increasing number of individuals are being a part of the escort industry, and transgenders are one of them. Trans-sexual escorts have their own fan base, and it is growing at a steady speed.

If you have booked a transsexual escort for the first time, be rest assured you are not going to regret it. Trans escorts understand their clients and their requirements at a very different level. After all, they are male underneath it all, and thus understand what exactly a man needs and craves for. Besides, their fun nature and kinkiness takes sexual excitement and pleasure to new heights.

Meeting a transsexual escort for the first time

If you have never dated a transsexual escort before, it is normal to be nervous before the encounter. However, don’t stress yourself, dating a transsexual escort is just like dating any other female escort, but just the fun and pleasure is more. Then again how the encounter goes even depends on you. Here are a few things you must keep in mind when meeting a transsexual escort for the first time…

  • Understand the difference between an active and passive transsexual escort and hire accordingly.
  • While making the booking and meeting, treat her like a lady because she is. The key is to set her in the right mood. So, don’t pass any awkward comments or ask her weird questions concerning her sexuality.
  • Take her for a nice date, and try to connect with her. She is not a sex toy and so don’t treat her like one.
  • Make sure to use protection during oral sex as well as intercourse.
  • If you find any signs of STDs on her body, refrain from getting sexual with her.
  • Several transsexual escorts carry a medical certificate which proves that they are safe. Inquire about it politely to ensure your own safety.
  • Let yourself lose. You are there to have fun, so focus on having it.

Booking Transsexual Escort Duos

If you think you can handle more than one transsexual escort, you can hire a duo. There are many agencies which provide transsexual duos. Also, there are several transsexual duos working independently. These duos are awesome and can guarantee a mind-blowing experience.

Besides, when you will check the profile of transsexual escorts on websites like, you will be confused about whom to hire and whom not. Therefore, if your sexual fantasies and sensual pleasure can accommodate 2 transsexual escort at the same time, do give it a shot.

When you hire a transsexual escort, you basically get the best of both the worlds in one night. You can hire them not only to satisfy your sexual desires, but also to accompany you to a wild party. These escorts are pretty much open for anything, and be rest assured there is nothing you can say which will surprise them. That being said, don’t hesitate when you are with a transsexual escort. In fact, push your boundaries and enjoy her vulgar side.

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